Sarah offers 1:1 Wellness Herbal Consultations, Mentorship and Tarot Readings for individuals, communities, small business owners, facilitators, producers, herbalists and anyone who is interested in mindful reflection, archetypical support and direct response to questions. Full of ideas she sees the potential of projects and can offer a fresh and creative eye.

Wellness Consultation

Working with an herbalist means that you are taking an active role in your health, you are no longer at the whim of reductionist medicine that treats you like a disease, but you have decided to take a stand and walk the Good Medicine Road with the flora and fungi that you have co-evolved with over the course of hominid history, that know you as a whole person. Sarah is honored and happy to support you in your journey, as long as you know that healing is not an achievement, but one of many steps we take toward wholeness. She is not here for you to be dependent on her, but she is here to guide you and help you get to know the plants and mushrooms that will help bring you back into homeodynamic balance.

Tarot Readings

Sarah holds a degree in Art History from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There she focused her studies in symbolism, allegory, philosophy and world religions. Sarah trained in the fine arts for ten years, with a specific love for illustration, place making and altar creation. She is well versed in teaching archetypal symbolism and storytelling for personal reflection via Tarot and Astrology, both of which she has been studying and reading for over 20 years.

Sarah feels that the Tarot is an excellent tool for self reflection to gain a deeper understanding of the energetic influences within one’s self and without. She works with the Tarot as one would work with a dear friend, to understand the relationships one has with the five elements and seven directions:

  • The Physical (Earth – North)
  • The Mental (Air – East)
  • The Emotional (Water – West)
  • The Motivational (Fire – South)
  • The Spiritual (Spirit – Life Force)
  • Above (The Mystery of Goddess/God/Universe)
  • Below (Ancestors)
  • Center (Self – Ego)

Sarah’s discipline with the Tarot comes from regular readings for herself, global and planetary situations, friends, students and family. She lays unique spreads geared toward the questions and reflections of the querent, a reading can be anywhere from 5 – 25 cards depending on how the conversation progresses.

It is important for those interested in a reading to be open, honest and in dialog. This is the only way the cards will offer the most insight. And know that Sarah holds this is sacred confidentiality always.


Sarah has lived in commuty for 15  years, works in major event production and as a facilitator of transformational, life skill building immersions. She has taken courses in Non Violent Communication and regularly practiced ReEvaluation CoCounselling in her early 20s. Sarah has developed skills in leadership, active listening, collaborative group dynamics and facilitation as well has been self employed for over a decade managing a holistic, entrepreneurial work-life balance rooted in doing what she loves and what helps her grow. Through the years, she has been an active participant in her students personal development and is now ready to begin formal mentoring for those who are interested in guidance, a compassionate ear and reflection. Sarah is dedicated to interdependent relationships of trust and support for a healthy and regenerative lifestyle.

Sarah is not a psychologist, psychotherapist nor a therapist of any other kind aside from her training and practice as an herbalist, years in education, management and leadership. She is very confident to say what her scope of comfort and skills are and are not and if she does not feel she can serve you to your highest need, she will openly and humbly say so.

Sarah is happy to work with you in a collaborative manner and has a variety of tools to offer in the process:

  • Tarot Readings
  • Astrological reflections
  • Mind Maps
  • Timelines
  • Brain Storming
  • Writing and Creative Prompts
  • Holding Space for Processing
  • Suggestion for practices
  • Suggestion of other therapies or practitioners
  • Plant and Dietary suggestions