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Sarah Wu

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Course Overview

Tarot is universal form of storytelling that can take many forms and we have the choice to study various systems. It is an energetic system that helps us to see deeper into the dynamics of our relationships with ourselves, others, our resources, emotions, ideas and inspirations. 

Tarot works on the subconscious and superconscious levels, communicating through archetypal symbolism and allegory. Working with world mythologies, astrology, numerology, animal symbolism, psychology, elemental magic, and personal reflection.

Students of this course will come out with a clear understanding of the functionality of the Tarot to learn how to read the cards as individuals and as a collective, access and channel meaning through the laying spreads in order to held themselves and others to process past and present relations and life decisions.

In this 14 part, 10 hour class, students will learn how to pick up any Tarot deck and be able to read it. 

Beginning in July 2024, Students can join a LIVE online monthly forum to discuss spreads, symbolism, meaning and to connect with other Tarot Lovers,

Class Synopsis:

In the introductory class of “Tarot Explorations,” Sarah shares her personal journey with tarot, tracing her experience from her first deck to the deeper spiritual connections she developed through various tarot and oracle decks. She outlines the course’s focus on understanding oneself and one’s relationship to the world through tarot, emphasizing its role as a tool for personal insight and evolution.

Class 1: Sarah introduces the Major Arcana cards zero through six, covering The Fool to The Lovers, which represent significant life stages and lessons on the journey of self-discovery. She provides insights into the symbolism and astrological associations of each card, encouraging students to reflect on how these cards manifest in their personal experiences and the broader human journey.

Class 2: Students are guided through an in-depth analysis of the Major Arcana cards seven through fourteen, focusing on themes of personal will, moral virtues, and transformative cycles. She explains the symbolic meanings and life lessons associated with each card, emphasizing how they reflect individual challenges and growth, particularly highlighting the Chariot’s representation of personal willpower and the transformative nature of the Death card.

Class 3: Dive into the final set of the Major Arcana, cards 15 to 21, focusing on themes of divine intervention and the soul of reason, interpreting how these cards represent external forces and major life transitions. She discusses each card’s symbolism and implications, from the primal instincts triggered by The Devil to the cycles of death and rebirth symbolized by The World, guiding students through a transformative understanding of their deeper connections to the universe and themselves.

Class 4: We begin a three-part journey through the themes of the Major Arcana, emphasizing the profound individual insights and collective narratives embedded within each card. The course aims to deepen understanding by not only examining the cards in isolation but also exploring their interconnected stories and how these ancient symbols reflect and inform our human experiences.

Class 5: We continue exploring the themes of the Major Arcana, focusing on the multifaceted nature of personal identity, transformation, and the concept of embracing change. The session delves into how we present ourselves in various ways, handle transformation, and engage with life’s inevitable changes, emphasizing growth, free will, and the acceptance of life’s fluid and magical nature.

Class 6: The focus is on delving into the final five cards of the Major Arcana, emphasizing the interconnected themes of light and darkness and the middle path. This session encourages a deeper engagement with the tarot cards to explore personal multitudes and the dynamic shifts influenced by various external and internal factors, fostering a comprehensive understanding of human nature and personal growth.

Class 7: The shift focuses to understanding the intricate connections between astrology and the Tarot, particularly within the Major Arcana, aces, and court cards. The session dives deep into the astrological correspondences that influence the interpretation of Tarot, exploring both traditional and evolutionary astrology to enrich the students’ understanding and application of the cards in readings.

Class 8: All eyes on symbolism within the Tarot, where students delve into how various artistic, literary, and philosophical symbols, from animals to allegories, shape the interpretation of the cards. The instructor emphasizes the importance of recognizing the individual symbols within each card and encourages students to move beyond written meanings to engage deeply with the imagery and intuitively connect with the cards.

Class 9: Exploring the connections between the Major and Minor Arcana, emphasizing that they are not separate entities but deeply intertwined, each reflecting aspects of the other. The class encourages a deeper understanding of how daily choices and broader spiritual themes influence each other, illustrating these connections with examples and encouraging creative and intuitive engagement with the tarot.

Class 10: We delve into the diverse personality types represented by the court cards of the tarot, illustrating how these archetypes reflect the complex interplay of human behaviors and traits. The lesson emphasizes understanding these personalities not just as isolated archetypes but as reflections of the varied and dynamic roles they may play in our lives and relationships.

Class 11: Explore the impact of group dynamics on individual growth through the Major and Minor Arcana, highlighting how our relationships and interactions shape our personal narratives and perceptions. The session emphasizes the importance of empathy and understanding in our connections, using tarot as a tool to explore and navigate the complexities of human interrelations and personal transformation.

Class 12: Lets review the personal development themes of the Minor Arcana, examining how these cards reflect internal and external influences on our self-perception and choices. This session encourages participants to use tarot as a tool for self-reflection, helping them navigate personal growth by considering both their individual dispositions and the impact of their environments.

Class 13: We focused on mastering the art of laying tarot cards, emphasizing the importance of daily practice to deepen intuitive connections with the deck. We explored various card spreads and their dynamic interplay, learning to tailor these layouts to reflect personal and relational insights during readings.

What You'll Learn

  • Sarah teaches the system as channeled through Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Cole Smith yet she creatively deconstructs the imperialist and colonial roots, taking it through myth, history into the modern human experience. Her holistic perspectives in corresponding the Tarot, ecology, world religion, symbolism, herbalism and astrology.
  • She skillfully shares the history of the tarot and its modern implications for individual development. Students of Tarot Explorations will learn how to read the cards in relationship to each other to help them gain insight into their own lives and support others in finding clarity.
  • For those who are already reading or want to learn to read the Tarot through a regenerative perspective that merges ecology, herbalism, permaculture, and astrology.
  • A Tarot deck of your choice, open heart and mind.
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Course Content

  • Lessons
    • Introduction to the Tarot

    • (1) Tarot Explorations

    • (2) Tarot Explorations

    • (3) Tarot Explorations

    • (4) Tarot Explorations

    • (5) Tarot Explorations

    • (6) Tarot Explorations

    • (7) Tarot Explorations

    • (8) Tarot Explorations

    • (10) Tarot Explorations

    • (9) Tarot Explorations

    • (11) Tarot Explorations

    • (12) Tarot Explorations

    • (13) Tarot Explorations

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