Sarah is available to come speak at your live or virtual conference, podcast or community event. She is a dynamic, funny and engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge and a manner that is open, empathetic, vulnerable and insightful.

Topics Include but are not Limited to:

  • Regenerative Philosophy
  • Deep Ecology
  • Eco Grief and Eco Anxiety
  • Wellness Trends and Ethics
  • State of the World in the Wellness Industry
  • Nature Connection
  • Earth Spirituality

Sarah’s favorite classroom is outdoors!
She loves to walk the land and explore ecosystems, observing the plants, life systems, fungi and fauna.

She can come to your land or to your event and offer walks that are delightful, insightful, full of myth and mystery.

A natural storyteller and translator for nature, participants will learn not only about the land but abut their interconnected relationship with place.

The Village Witches Herbal Elixir Bar offers nonalcoholic, organic, traditionally inspired herbal cocktails made from organically cultivated, wild crafted and ethically sourced ingredients from our local bioregions and from around the world. An alternative to unhealthy party practices, the Village Witches goal is to create lasting healthy connections among party goers.

Suitable for intimate gatherings and large festivals.

The Village Witches have been present at numerous international events from Envision Festival, The Oregon Eclipse Festival, Boom Festival, Cosmic Convergence, and other parties.

Alcohol can be integrated into the drinks if desired.

Red Tent Girls – Moon Cycles for Teens, Tweens and their moms, is a workshop teaching young ones the magic and science of their bodies.
Talks, activities and art projects in the 

Class 1: Our Bodies

*Anatomy & Physiology

What we have and how we work

  • Anatomy of the female body
  • Physiology of the female body, what are hormones and how do they work.

Class 2: The Journey of the Egg

*From our ovaries to our menstrual blood

  • Physiology of the ovaries and ovulation
  • The Lunar cycle in relation to our human cycle
  • What happens if we aren’t making a baby
  • How to use  and care for a menstrual pad/liner, tampon and moon cup.

Class 3: Herbs and Foods for Hormone Health

*We have to power to have a healthy moon cycle

  • Caring for our bodies, minds and hearts
  • Healthy nutrition for healthy bodies
  • Herbs/Foods for cramps, tiredness, supporting our blood, mood and skin.

Class 4: Howling at the Moon

* The Red Tent

  • A place where women gather

*Rituals for Bleeding Time

  • Making a moon mother altar
  • Elemental
  • Feeding the Plants our blood

Class 5: Our Female Body

*Checking in with our bodies

  • Learning the basics of abdominal massage
  • Self breast exam

*Body positive: feeling beautiful in who we are and our unique bodies.

Class 6: Consent is Cool

*Lets talk about boys and girls

  • How do we interact with each other? More than friends?
  • Learning how to say yes and no
  • What are boundaries: with your personal space and respecting another’s space.
  • Talking to your parents or other adult friends when you need help