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Food is Medicine Introduction, A Blog Series on the Medicinal Diet Which Feeds the Living Experience by Katryna Bell

Wellness practice is an all-encompassing process of practicing awareness, and actively making choices in the direction of living a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness practice is not solely the act of being free from physical ailments or illnesses, but rather wellness practice falls under the concept, holistic health. Holistic health is a term that refers to the traditional means of health and recovery, where the focus is around the whole person, body, mind, and spirit, as well as their external environments and how they interact with them.

When dealing with the physical body, the best form of health care is preventative healthcare, and the first, most prominent step to success is through the diet. By studying herbalism, I have come to the vast understanding that food is in fact medicine. A part of this realization came through understanding that even if we are not necessarily feeding hunger, we are still feeding the body with everything we ingest, which has allowed me to begin recognizing medicinal plants as food themselves.

This is what brings you and I together today. In this blog series, I will be introducing the concept of the medicinal diet, by explaining the different systems in the body, plants that interact with them, and how working with the body through that which we ingest allows us to have this living experience as we know it, and beyond.

No matter what one believes to be true about their existence in this life, it is undeniable that the body is the vessel, and without the body there is no life for that individual. Therefore, the body is notably the most important focus of the living experience, because it is in fact what allows us to have this particular experience in human form. Which goes without saying, it does so in collaboration with the world in which we live, but even so, without the individual body, the experience of this world would be quite different.

This is why the diet is the first step to achieving wellness, for the diet is what feeds every system in our body, and it is these systems that allow us to have the sensual experience that we are having each day. When there is an absence of a healthy diet, the body is in over drive doing what needs to be done to process, digest, and release that which it does not want or need, and in doing so, all the energy that is available to the living experience is strictly focused on this process. Also, without a healthy diet, one is not receiving the chemical compounds that actively work with the brain, providing us with full functionality through the systems which fuel our senses.

During tribal times, people were working much more directly with the earth, eating organic, living food, and consuming non-polluted water and oxygen. I believe that because of this, the body was consistently in a good balance with itself, allowing them to live on a more sensually elevated plane than we do today. This higher elevation was a direct result of the components in the very plants they were ingesting. With all the systems being tended too, and the senses being at their highest potential, the body, mind and spirit functioned together more fluidly within, and outside of, the whole person. Something we still unknowingly strive to do with the many things we consume on a daily basis.

As time went on, and humans grew in numbers, the act of seizing and conquering began, allowing the development of structured colonies and villages to slowly take over the tribal way. The community dynamic of the tribal village began to decrease, creating less collaboration, and more independence within the family unit, rather than the communal functioning of the whole. As a result, economical concepts shifted to being that of a need for ownership and individual prosperity, as a means of survival, rather than collective care that allowed each individual to live in abundance.

Through this shift, agricultural practices changed, slowly transitioning into the agriculture and resource production that we see today. As a result, the individual formed a lack of awareness in what it is they are consuming, and why it is they are consuming it, due to the lack of first hand interaction and knowledge on both the product and process of that which they consume.

Additionally, colonial development led to mass organized structure under political and religious reasoning, which inevitably erased traditional practices and belief systems on a macro level. This new-found structure created a dynamic where the average individual believed what was said to be true by the masses, acting as they were told in order to ensure their own personal prosperity and survival, so that they could take care of not only themselves, but the family unit in which they functioned.

In this process of change, traditional practices were heavily perverted, eventually leading to the removal of most of those who still held this knowledge close to themselves, actively practicing and teaching within their communities. Resulting in both literal and metaphorical massacres that slowly swept away the knowledge from family lines, leading the human race to be solely dependent on what was being taught through new world order and belief systems.

We now live in a world where most are not aware, nor are they educated on, the relationship their bodies have with the world in which we live, and the importance of the chemical properties that reside within the plants, which provide every aspect to the living experience as we know it. All of this resulting in the loss of healthy practices that tend to the body, mind and spirit, taking us further and further away from the truth behind our existence. However, we are in a time in which the knowledge of those traditional practices are being actively sought after, and taught back to the people, so that we can return to a state of higher elevation, living with the earth as we are meant to.

My vision is to bring back the knowledge and practice of elevating the body and mind, on a daily basis, through that which we ingest. While empowering others to learn and connect with the plants that feed every part of our existence, so that we can all better understand the necessity of our interdependent relationship with the earth we have been given the gift of experiencing, so that we ourselves can truly experience the living experience as we are meant to.

Ultimately, bringing us back into the natural practice the allows us to find balance within our body, mind and spirit, so that we can live the lives we desire in full health and wellness, achieving our goals and dreams as they are, while impacting the world in which we live at our greatest potential. Through actively redeveloping our relationship with the plants and our bodies, I believe we can return to this state of a higher, less dense, sensual experience, reweaving the living and spiritual experience, without any separation between the two.

After all, that is what we are all seeking to accomplish, even if we are not consciously aware of what it is we are after.

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