The Wheel, keeps on spinning spinning….

Last Moon I wrote about the Spiritual Ecology of Autumn and The Death card. This New Moon is Void of Course, which means in Astrological and Magical terms, that this is an in between time. The Moon is traveling from one sign to another, transitioning from Scorpio to Sagittarius, so this is not a time for practice, nor a time for decision making, commitments or deals. This in between time is a space for reflection and gentleness. It has me meditating on the nature of time in general and The Wheel.

What does it mean to be witness to time? To find ourselves seated in times of not only great change, but also relentless degeneration and degradation of life as we know it. I was walking on the beach yesterday with my mother and dog, enjoying the sea air, looking at the patterns of sea creatures on the sand, observing the growth patterns and layers of tiny crustaceans on the rocks. I kept thinking about their lives. So small, so short, so dedicated to their process. In time, seemingly insignificant, they create entire ecosystems. Over hundreds of millions of years, living, dying, decaying, constructing. Laying a foundation for the next generation, over and over again. In the blip of our lives what foundations are we laying for the future? With what tools do we construct the present and how are we responding to the past? The Wheel X, sometimes called the Wheel of Fortune, the Wheel of Karma, the Wheel of Fate, the Wheel of Life represents our constant state of evolution and devolution. In the traditional symbolism of Rider-Waite-Smith, we see The Wheel with a snake, dog and a sphinx running on the outside. An allusion to the nature of our life process, from instinctual emotional beings to those that can engage in creative albeit momentary progress to those who engage with the abstract, the imaginal and genius and back again. There is no static nature of The Wheel, being in motion is its sole purpose. Just like the revolution of our planet earth on its axis around our one minor star spinning around in our galaxy, The Wheel is our life. It lends some sense of predictability and also a chance attempt to move forward, ahead, yet also knowing we are at the same time in the process of rolling back. It seems like we are getting somewhere to only come back to where we started. It makes me question phrases like “getting ahead”, “moving forward”, “moving on.” Do we ever? For it seems like whenever we do get ahead, something comes along to trip us up and moving forward inevitably meets obstacles that seem to send us back again. Two steps forward, one step back.

In this course of time here on our planet, I wonder what tires we will decide to fit our wheel with. Right now, the ones we are using are pretty bare, wobbling and out of balance. The Wheel needs a solid the center, the spoke on which we revolve, finding balance. Like the whirling dervish or the tumbler on the gymnasium floor, it is important keep the internal compass steady, eye centered and focused on one spot, so as to not lose one’s self in the ecstasy of the spin. Our Wheel right now is tottering, misaligned. How can we make decisions in this massive global Void of Course, when it is so hard to get anyone on the same page as to how we “should” think, feel and act? It’s hardest to make decisions and commitments when nothing feels certain. And while I sit here writing, I feel my own spinning of The Wheel. My fears surrounding resources, safety and the future are very present for me. Being witness to the atrocities humans inflict upon each other and the earth stimulates this sense of futility, and hopelessness. So what do we do to align ourselves when we feel these physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bumps.



Living in the tropics, we are constantly dealing with soil depletion and erosion, much due to the amount of rain we receieve as well as the rapid rate of decay. Upon returning home to Costa Rica after a few months away, I was so pleasantly and overwhelmingly greeted by a bursting garden. The  plants were huge, crowding each other out. It is a serious mission to chop back the greenery and in the process, you feel a sense of empowerment and fatality. The Wheel spins here with every change of season, with the rolling of the rain clouds and the bursts of sunshine. The Wheel spins as the birds leave for the season and in the blossoming of the trees.



The Dance of Entropy and Syntropy:

The felling of a plant to vitalize another,
decaying matter, strengthens mother.
Soil expanding, nurturing detrivores, weaving hyphae,
housing the nameless, faceless, ravenous herbivores.
Burst forth the gemmae sheltering the predator,
sweet succulence, tantalize the pollinator.
It becomes and is undone,
when acted within, not upon.



Remember that relationships are also cyclic. For the Wheel to travel with ease, it needs to be oiled, rotated and inflated. In these times, the more we nurture our connections the more resilient they become. There is no time for holding grudges, resentments and animosities. Let those feelings rest and come back to the thread of connection we share as human beings. Every time we find another commonality, we reweave the fraying tapestry of life that covers us all. Remember, we do not need to be best buds or even good friends with everyone, but there is no reason to harbor hate in our hearts.



Lately I have been re-reading the Maeve Chronicles by Elizabeth Cunningham, an amazing four part tale of Mary Magdalen, love, passion and the Goddess that I have read three times. And I am loving The Flowering Wand by Sophie Strand, a retelling of the myths of masculinity into a regenerative story of humankind.

Here is my reading list here for the book lovers out there



Making medicine, reading cards, doing wellness consultations. These help ground me into remembering the art of listening and being present with life. This morning I made tinctures of Ylang Ylang flowers and Pericon, also know as Mexican Tarragon.