The Star, Aligning to Aquarius after the Crucible of the Tower.

In my personal process, The Star XVII is one of the most important cards in the Tarot. I went through a series of years of a self inflicted health crisis. One that I timidly and resentfully consented to, yet deep in my heart I never wanted. Between 2013 – 2016 I underwent fertility treatments in the attempt to conceive a baby with my first husband. In the process I discovered so much about the nature of the human body, the limitations of science and herbs and the power of the heart. To listen to the story, go ahead and check out this vulnerable podcast I did for the Heroine’s Journey:

The Rupture

After years of treatment, everything from acupuncture, herbs and spell work, to white blood cell immunotherapy, injectable hormones in my stomach, the pill, supplements, herbs, ceremony, a heart wrenching hysteroscopy, 3 IUI’s, and 3 IVFs, all failed. I was a broken and devastated person. I felt betrayed by everything around me. And when I began to see the roots of my relationship were diseased, I took the terrifyingly bold move toward separation and eventually divorce. It took some years, being so intertwined with another and financially insecure on my own, never really knowing what I was worth, I enacted the Fool 0 and took the leap of faith straight toward myself.

In this period I turned to the cards as my only meter for how I was really doing and what I really needed. Every day I pulled the cards, my deck of choice, The Spirit of the Herbs by Michael Tierra and Candice Cantin, welcoming in all the underlying and obvious messages of the plants along with the dynamics of the Tarot. In my daily practice, I would pull the cards, sometimes 2, sometimes 15 and I would have a movement session while I watched them play out their story in 2 dimensional depth. After the session, I would draw crude outlines of each card in my journal, in the position in which they were laid. It was during this time, I developed my own knack for laying the cards based on my thoughts and requests. I would sketch and take note of the variety of meanings, always seeking patterns.

One card seemed to stay on repeat, The Star XVII. Up until this time there were a few Astrological signs that always seemed to ellude my understanding. Aquarius was one of them. Alien, different, distant, weirdos, I never really understood who these folks were, the image of the Water Bearer even more curious and a musing for another time. As I began really feeling into and exploring what is meant to be single at 38, divorced, with a body that rejects an embryo, an old identity, and a few assets, I was trying to really figure out who I was now to become. My Pisces Sun told me, I can remake myself into anything, my Leo Ascendent was terrified to be alone, my Taurus moon was calling for home… My Mercury in Aquarius, said write your damn story!

I continued to turn toward the plants, I refreshed my notion of mother, I nourished my inherent teacher, and I directed myself not only toward MY self, but directly toward my deep love of life. Biophilia is my North Star. The only thing I want to be in service to, my unending and romantic obsession with the living, breathing planet and all her crazy, gorgeous, horrifying, brilliant and mysterious ways.

The Star XVII is your tether to your hearts greatest desire, it is the disruptive Aquarian saying, who tells you that this is the way it is supposed to be??? Obviously the Chariot VII was in my ear and another reg in the spreads and who else guides the Chariot toward freedom? THE STAR is the guide… The Star was directing me back to the flow of life, it was and still is the reminder that the default world of self aggrandizement, neo-liberalism, capitalism, colonialism and even some of that surface level jargon of the New Age movement pull us further from the interconnected web of life. The Star reminds me that I am also tethered to the preciousness of your life dear reader. It reminds me that I am nothing without you. As the sailors and nomads of old, the venturers in new lands and the freedom fighters fled toward, The Star guides us home. The Star is the famous quote by Ram Dass, “We are all just walking each other home”. Back home to our humanity, to our place on the web of life, walking us home to the place of safety and justice, to the nest of our becoming and our final home in the eternal soil.

In the progression of the Tarot, right before the Star XVII is the Tower XVI. The Tower is the great chaotic upheaval that comes about in the most expected and unexpected ways. It is right in those moments when we are comfortable, sitting pretty in our constructed beliefs and perceptions of reality. It is the building we have created around ourselves that we call identity. Stone upon stone, day upon day, year upon year, mortared together by experience, we construct this tower around ourselves. We have our own unique perspectives and realities existing within this fortified space. We have all of our names, style, and plan laid out before us. We are good with how things are. We finally made it. Then, like any comfort zone, we get it ripped out from under us, knocked off the shelf, struck by lightening, pushed down the stairs. Everything we thought and strived for is now crumbling away. The Tower as it falls down is on fire, returning to the earth with a force as unstoppable as forest flames ripping through tinder branches. The Tower is the crucible of alchemy. Here all things are taken down to the most essential components. The salts and minerals, the bones of life. Here is where we get to restructure, regenerate once again. The Tower’s ashes glimmer in the dark soil, reflecting the stars over head. Only in this deconstruction and reconstruction can we truly find the way back to our deeper connection with the life force.

This is so very present for us as a collective species. As we watch endless war, children murdered in our IG feeds, celebrities making more emissions than entire countries, homeless being imprisoned, parents who can’t feed their families, elders dying alone, books burned, the elected turning to tyranny, resources disappearing, humans dying for the newest iphone, we are all in the process of watching the Tower crumble. and it hurts, it hurts real bad. The Tower is the theme of our most recent century and the beginning of this one. Now that Saturn has moved from Capricorn to Aquarius, we are seeing the blatant and bloody rubble heap of the Tower looming before us. There is only one way to rebuild what has fallen down, and that is stone by stone. The energy of the Star with us, we can turn the mortar made of greed and exploitation to one of justice and love. Stone by stone, human by human, through out our entire lifetime we are going to be working to rebuild. The biggest question of all is what will we construct? Homes for everyone or looming towers for the wealthy few? Open and accessible schools or jail houses? Backyard chicken coops or factory farms?

So sweet one, while you read this, the Star is shining bright in the dark of the New Moon. The New Moon is but one face of the Moon XVIII card, one that encourages the germination of seeds, the compost and decay of the forest floor. The New Moon is trusting our intuition and opportunity. There is no better time than right now to touch your heart and listen with all your might to its yearning. Asking yourself what is your greatest desire outside of the prescribed notion of happiness. Ask yourself, how can you align to the Star of the greater good, how can you align to helping to rebuild, regenerate and restore the fabric of abundant, just and loving life?


Lunar Imbolc & Chinese New Year of the Dragon

Today, Thursday, February 8, is also the beginning of the Chinese New Year, it is Lunar Imbolc. Maybe you saw all the IG images around if your algorithm feeds you witchy waze just last week on the famous Ground Hog Day, February 2. And while we bask in the new rays of the solar cross quarter day, we invoke the power of rebirth through the cycles of the Moon. Chinese, Tibetan and Iroquois New Year falls on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice.

This is also an extra auspicious year as it is powered by the Dragon, the Wood Dragon to be exact.

While all creatures are precious and miraculous, the only creature of the Chinese Zodiac to inhabit the mystical realm is the Dragon. All the rest are our domestic, farm and wild animals none too foreign to us. For many of you reading I am going to make that radical assumption that you fall somewhere in the Millennial, Gen Zer crowd, but I know I got some of you Xers out there and maybe even the rogue Boomer in my midst, in any case, the years of the Dragon count back as follows: 2024, 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, 1940…

Dragon folk are natural leaders, charismatic, enigmatic, mysterious and forceful. Dragon lore spans time and culture, alluding to our relationship with the imaginal and the fragments of epochs long past imprinted in our mammalian memory. In the age of dinosaurs, we were but a scurrying, scared nocturnal bunch. The reptile lead the world for millions of years, we have only been here a mere few hundred thousand. In some cultures the Dragon is the great Benefic, much like Jupiter, they gifted humanity with wisdom, expansion, insight and riches. In other cultures the scaled one was more akin to Saturn the Malefic, territorial, dangerous, greedy and cruel. In all senses they were guardians.

The Dragon is particularly significant to many witches. In the Christian imperial times they often used artistic allegory of their saints or angels defeating a dragon or snake. Each representing the ways of the land, the ways of old, the pagans, druids and witches.

So when we see a Dragon year come back around, feel your vital force rising brother-sister witch for the Dragon of power and wisdom is arising in you once again. This is a time for earth tenders and earth guardians to use their voices, hearts, hands, assets and connections to support life. This is a potent year for us, as the dragon lines criss crossing the earth awaken, we can expect rumbles