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Soul to Soil: Permaculture Course for Inner Ecology & Personal Development

Soul to Soil: Permaculture Course for Inner Ecology & Personal Development2022-04-20T18:07:38+00:00

Soul to Soil

Permaculture Design Certificate Course
for Personal Development

Soul to Soil Permaculture Design Course for Social Ecology and Personal Development includes a full 72+ hour Permaculture Design Certification course and an integrated 70+ hours in Yoga, Herbal Studies, Earth Based Spirituality and Personal Development.

Learning from the land, students will be immersed in ecological living and transformative education at the Pachawa Retreat Center alongside seasoned permaculture professionals and mentors Sarah Wu and Eduardo Terzidis. Each day we will move through the Permaculture Curriculum, exploring the foundations of permaculture philosophy, earth sciences, strategies for settlement design, and appropriate techniques for establishing perennial food systems in home gardens. Taking it a few steps deeper, Sarah will bring students into the magical world of herbal medicine, diving deep into the practice of preparing and working with medicinal plants on the home and family level for health, wellbeing and seasonal ritual. Guided by Eduardo, daily practice of yoga, inner ecology and meditation will support by seeding a lifelong journey into holistic wellness and permaculture lifestyle.


Topics Covered:

Adaptogenic Plants and Mushrooms for Personal Resilience
Climates and Landscapes
Design for Disaster
Design Process & Methods
Digestion and the Human Microbiome
Ethics & Principles of Permaculture
Gaia Theory & Eco-Psycology
Garden Design
Home and Community Herbalist
Humanure and Waste Systems
Integrated Pest Management
Intro & History of Permaculture
Intro to Herbalism
Intro to Social Permaculture
Lunar RhythmsNon-Violent Communication with Self, Others and Nature
Observation and Map reading
Patterns in Nature
Perennial Polycultures & Regenerative Agriculture
Personal development: Finding One’s Life Mission in Service
Plant Care & Propagation Techniques
Plants and Mushrooms for Reproductive Health
Reading the Landscape & Site analysis
Resources & Scale of Permanence
Small Animal Care
Soil Science and Compost
Trees and Food Forest Ecology
Urban Permaculture
Water Systems & Hydrological Cycle
Wild Crafting Ethics
Zones & Sectors

Hands-On Practicals:

Compost Making
Cultured Foods
Garden Project
Medicine Making
Sacred Space Making
Seed Planting

Meditations, Movement, Rituals and Other Activities:

Daily Rituals for Reconnection to Life and to Purpose
Deep Ecology Guided Visualization
Embodiment Practise: Express and Embody the Interconnection of All Things
Facing Fear: Mind vs Heart in the Path of Reconnection to Your Purpose
Guided Visualisation: The Creation of the Universe from the Bigbang to Your Body
Inner Ecology: Our Body as a Reflection of the Universe
New and Full Moon Rituals
Plant Spirit Medicine Meditations
Sharing Circles
Understanding Personal and Environmental Grief: Depression as a Tool for Regeneration


Laura ‘Lala’ Palmieri, walks with the shoes of the biologist, botanical explorer, herbalist, gardener, permaculturist, teacher & biotechnologist, with a life-long work with plants and mushrooms.
She was raised in an oasis in Guatemala City, cultivating orchids, building green walls and greening the city. She´s migrated to Costa Rica for the last 6 years, and currently stationed in the mountains near Chirripo, the lands of the eternal waters.
She’s spent her years in dialogue with Nature, and has fueled her passion to integrate scientific knowledge and connection with all beings to help humanity.
She created Weaving Remedies, integrating herbs with medicinal mushrooms to strengthen the immune system, nourish the nervous system’s response to stress and balance our constitutional problems. This approach to health integrates the knowledge of many ancient teachers and traditions, as well as spirituality with Nature, science and alchemy through the transformation of the elements.
Her passion about community life led her to be part of Punta Mona and Fungi Academy for several years. Teaching and facilitating herbal clinics and programs in permaculture, herbalism, botany, fermentation, as well as medicinal mushrooms and cultivation, with a regenerative approach to the Earth and techniques that are accessible to most. She’s played a big role in the creation of the Envision and Cosmic Converge Herbal First Aid Clinics, relief Clinics in Guatemala for the volcano eruption and is constantly crafting remedies offered in Guatemala and Costa Rica, supporting many beings in their paths.
She’s in service to our natural allies to help us to listen to our bodies and join this collective mission to tend our planet. She wants to share her passion and love for Nature so together we can walk each other home.

Sarah Wu is a clinical herbalist of 22 years and a practicing permaculturist for near a decade. She facilitates learning with a planetary perspective on natural medicine, integrating large scale systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as diverse folk traditions and ethnobotany, with a foundation in Deep Ecology and modern Witchcraft. Sarah has participated in and taught 25+ Permaculture Design Courses, annually curates six simultaneous stages of educational and spiritual content for Envision Festival as well as the Village Witches experience, and has developed a 150- hour unique curriculum: Permaculture for the Herbalist’s Path. Founder of the Envision Festival Herbal Clinic training program and has organized and worked herbal clinic relief. Sarah is a passionate biophiliac, educator and mentor.


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT! €1250 ($1525)

Place a deposit by June 21 and SAVE €350 ($425) OFF YOUR TUITION

Full price per student: €1600 ($1950)

Tuition for the 21-day Soul to Soil Permaculture Design Course Includes:

– 72+ hour Permaculture Design Certification course + certificate upon completion
– 25+ hours in Herbal Studies
– 25+ hours in Personal Development and Earth Spirituality
– Course content and materials, all lectures, forums, and activities
– Student manual
– Cacao party
– 21 days of three vegetarian meals per day plus coffee, tea and snacks.
– Includes all course content, materials, and activities
– Three vegetarian meals per day
– Lodging in Tents
– Students have the option to upgrade their housing to a room in an apartment or a built out truck.

Available for an additional price: Arrival and departure transportation, laundry service.

We ask for a €300 ($365) NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to be sent to hold your space.
Final payments are made in cash upon arrival.
In the case of closure or any COVID related delays, all deposits will be held and available as a credit for one year to go toward another course with Eduardo and Sarah. In the case rescheduling is not possible, 50% of the deposit in addition to all bank and transfer fees will be retained and the balance returned.

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