Soul to Soil:

Permaculture Course for Personal Development and Inner Ecology

September 17 – October 8, 2023

Aljezur, Portugal

Soul to Soil Permaculture Design Course for Social Ecology and Personal Development includes a full 72+ hour Permaculture Design Certification course and an integrated 70+ hours in Yoga, Herbal Studies, Earth Based Spirituality and Personal Development.

Learning from the land, students will be immersed in ecological living and transformative education at the Pachawa Retreat Center alongside seasoned permaculture professionals and mentors Sarah Wu and Eduardo Terzidis. Each day we will move through the Permaculture Curriculum, exploring the foundations of permaculture philosophy, earth sciences, strategies for settlement design, and appropriate techniques for establishing perennial food systems in home gardens. Taking it a few steps deeper, Sarah will bring students into the magical world of herbal medicine, diving deep into the practice of preparing and working with medicinal plants on the home and family level for health, wellbeing and seasonal ritual. Guided by Eduardo,  practice of yoga, inner ecology and meditation will support by seeding a lifelong journey into holistic wellness and permaculture lifestyle.

Topics Covered:

Adaptogenic Plants and Mushrooms for Personal Resilience
Anatomy & Physiology
Climates and Landscapes
Clinical Work
Community Organizing
Decolonization & Cultural Appreciation
Deep Ecology
Design for Disaster
Design Process & Methods
Diet and Conscious Omnivory
Digestion and the Human Microbiome
Earth Sciences
Ethics & Principles of Permaculture
Fermented Foods
Food & Herb Growing
Gaia Theory & Eco-Psycology
Garden Design
Herbalism as Activism
Home and Community Herbalist
Humanure and Waste Systems
Integrated Pest Management
Intro & History of Permaculture
Intro to Herbalism
Intro to Social Permaculture
Lunar Rhythms
Materia Medica
Medicine Making
Observation and Map reading
Patterns in Nature
Perennial Polycultures & Regenerative Agriculture
Plant Care & Propagation Techniques
Plants and Mushrooms for Reproductive Health
Reading the Landscape & Site analysis
Resources & Scale of Permanence
Small Animal Care
Soil Science and Compost
Trees and Food Forest Ecology
Urban Permaculture
Water Systems & Hydrological Cycle
Wild Crafting Ethics
Zones & Sectors

Hands-On Practicals:

Compost Making
Cultured Foods
Garden Project
Medicine Making
Seed Planting

Meditations, Movement, Rituals and Other Activities:

Rituals for Reconnection to Life and to Purpose
Deep Ecology Guided Visualisation
Embodiment Practise: Express and Embody the Interconnection of All Things
Facing Fear: Mind vs Heart in the Path of Reconnection to Your Purpose
Guided Visualisation: The Creation of the Universe from the Bigbang to Your Body
Inner Ecology: Our Body as a Reflection of the Universe
New and Full Moon Rituals
Plant Spirit Medicine Meditations
Sharing Circles
Understanding Personal and Environmental Grief: Depression as a Tool for Regeneration

Lead Facilitators

Eduardo Terzidis is a yoga teacher, a permaculture teacher and consultant, a writer and a facilitator for healing and regenerative spaces. As an engineer, he wanted to help the world, yet he felt the need to “be out there”, learning and sharing with the very people who seek the same change he envisioned. At the core of his work is the understanding that global change needs to be carried from the inside out, recognising the intricate web of which we are part and being able to play our role in support of all life.

Sarah Wu is a passionate educational curator, facilitator and mentor dedicated to adult learners of all backgrounds. A representative for Mother Nature as a writer and teacher of Deep Ecology, Therapeutic Ecology and Whole Systems Design shared through the lens of Herbalism and Permaculture. Sarah Wu has 23 years studying and practicing the science, art and craft of Planetary Eclectic Herbal Medicine. Her foundation is in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Wise Woman Traditions, actively practicing clinical herbalism in the Neo-Tropics for 13 years. With 30 and counting, 75+hour Permaculture Design Courses (PDC) in her portfolio, which encompasses earth sciences, regenerative strategies for human settlement design, community development and alternative social structuring. A producer at heart, Sarah loves curating courses, workshops and events tailored to community, deep ecology, regenerative design and holistic health that highlight diverse and dynamic facilitators.

The Venue

Quinta Alma is a private and intimate natural ecological retreat farm. It is the result of Joana and Mario’s passion and their vision for an inspiring and relaxing experience in Nature. The farm is a magical place, totally off grid and hidden in the mountains of Monchique but right next to Aljezur, in Algarve’s worldclass Atlantic coast. It is a place for those that want to have a close but yet comfortable experience with the natural elements.

Quinta Alma is a growing organic farm with an ecological and human regenerative laboratory. Here we reeducate ourselves to live a regenerative and meaningful life, in harmony with Nature. The founders believe that the inner and outer beauty of nature inspires the human soul and tenders the human heart. That is why they called this place Quinta Alma, a home where your soul can expand and feel inspired.


Place a deposit by June 21 and SAVE €400 OFF YOUR TUITION

Full price per student: €2495

Tuition for the 21-day Soul to Soil Permaculture Design Course Includes:

– 72+ hour Permaculture Design Certification course + certificate upon completion
– 25+ hours in Herbal Studies
– 25+ hours in Personal Development and Earth Spirituality
– Course content and materials, all lectures, forums, and activities
– Student manual
– Cacao party
– 21 days of three vegetarian meals per day plus coffee, tea and snacks.
– Includes all course content, materials, and activities
– Three vegetarian meals per day
– Lodging in Tents
– Students have the option to upgrade their housing

Available for an additional price: Arrival and departure transportation, laundry service.

We ask for a €300  NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to be sent to hold your space.
Final payments are made in cash upon arrival.

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable