This Full Moon finds us in the sign of Sagittarius, the wise warrior centaur who takes us through mutable fire. In the Tarot, Sag is corresponded to Temperance XIV. This card is a gentle reminder of the necessity to walk the middle path and owning our vices and virtues as necessary parts of our human existence. It is the lovely plate of fresh veggies, healthy proteins and a superfoods, followed by a delicious sugar filled desert. It is a glass of cold white wine on a hot summer evening and the fresh feeling of a cold shower after sweaty hard work. It is finding the middle ground between information & opinion and experience & wisdom. The humans who have Sagittarius in their charts have always been the biggest enigmas for me. They are fire but unlike Aries who bites and burns, or Leo who outshines the rest, I see Sag as being akin to hot coals carried from one hearth to the next, the eternal flame that keeps the spirit alive, the kettle warm and the home welcoming. They are singers around the fire and bedtime stories. Sag folks are wise beyond their years and youthful in old age.

One prominent planetary movement coming up on May 25 is that Jupiter enters Gemini, this loop around the Sun for the planet of expansion will take one year,  so we have 365 days to bask in the message of The Lovers VI and The Wheel X, that is… our Passions and Value Systems and being emphasized by the nature of both Chance and Fate.

The Lovers and The Wheel.

The Lovers VI isn’t just about match made in heaven lovership style relationships, yes sure it could be, but it is also about our deepest and most important value systems. What we hold most dear to our hearts, the feelings and perspectives that connect us with our higher selves, higher beings, the ecosystem and humanity. Where the Wheel is all about the effect of fate and chance in our lives. Are we destined to be here right now at this time in history? I like to believe yes.  The Wheel is fate and also chance, the gamble we take with each choice we make in life and the serendipity and synchronicity that confirms to us that we are exactly where we need to be. I will admit, there have been times, where I am like “what the hell am I doing” where the conscious efforts are a bit harder and potentially more painful, and it is in those moments where we have to look to The Lovers. They are an affirmation that we are on the path of inner truth. As my teacher Sajah Popham says, Gemini is corresponded to the Lovers because it is forcing us to move out of our heads and the rational and into our hearts and the sentimental. Gemini helps us to see ourselves from within and from without. They are the twins, the contradiction from within, our search for meaning when we look into the mirror and deep into our own eyes. So when Jupiter and Gemini get together, The Lovers and the Wheel are calling us to pay close attention to our values, for they are being challenged right now in the social storm of the world. From Sudan, to Congo, in Palestine and Iran, on the streets of New York and Rio, from Ukraine to Taiwan, from your backyard to mine, we are all being called to expand our love of humanity and remember that we are worth fighting for and we are being called by the earth to step up and do better. It is time to be in right relationship with ourselves, friends, family, community, place, soil, air and water.