Many of you folks may have been out attempting to view the solar eclipse that happened yesterday on Monday April 8. I spent my day lying in a hammock on the beach, watching the mating of dozens and dozens of scarlet macaws and finding their gorgeous plumage peppered on the coastal floor.

There is always lots of info swirling around your feeds and inboxes if you follow this type of thread: the new age, spiritual, forever seeking wisdom and insights in symbols and coorespondences types like me. Yet for me the eclipse doesn’t seem that impactful as others have in the past. When I look at the chart, I see something much more prominent to reflect upon. That is the outer most “planet” in our solar system, the dense sister of Pluto, and the feminine face of Mars.

Eris, a dwarf planet, and the goddess of strife and discord, travels an orbit of 556 years, and with her discovery increased the size of our solar system by 50%, greatly expanding our known boundaries. Eris is a winged goddess of war, fatherless, she is one of the Nyx, a goddess of the night. Eris is a fighter, she stands up to injustice on the side of the underdog. We see her archetype in other Her bird goddesses of war such as Innana (Sumerian), Morrigan (Celtic), Freya (Norse), Branwen (Welsh).

Eris came into our awareness in 2005, the same year of Hurricane Katrina, the death of the long seated Pope John Paul II, Israel and Palestine sign a truce toward a “new era of peace”, Lebanon is freed from a 29 year occupation by Syria, the Kyoto Agreement is signed to limit green house gases, Spain and Canada legalize same sex marriage, the Irish Republican Army disbands, Egypt had its first presidential election, Sadam Hussein goes to trial, as well as numerous terrorist bombings happen globally. Interestingly enough at the discovery of Eris, the lunar nodes were also in Aries and Libra, just like 2023/24. While Eris entered Aries in 1928 and heralded the women’s suffrage movement,  and doesn’t plan on moving til 2048, the realization of her presence in 2005 brought with it a rumble of planetary movement.

Because Eris takes so long to move through a sign, none of those reading this would have been born outside of the Eris in Aries placement, unless you are a centenarian Village Witch follower, in that case, I bow to you. So for all the rest of us with the fires of discord influence, it is most important to see which house Eris occupies in your chart. This will help you to understand your relationship with justice, fighting for your rights, how you stand up for yourself or not, and in what ways you hold and behave with the values and morals of justice, fairness, revenge, and how we behave when we feel slighted, overlooked or betrayed.

Eris in the Houses Basics:

remember sometimes we act in conscious and unconscious ways.

  • 1st: How is your ego in disharmony with your personal motivations, identities and outward appearance? Do you have a personality that is disruptive, combative or easily agitated?
  • 2nd: Do you often bicker or fight over resources, money or possesions? Do you ever feel slighted, looked over or not awarded for your time, energy or services? Or do you withhold as punishment towards others?
  • 3rd: Do you use words that stir up a room or group? Do you have a mind that is constantly being pulled in different directions or towards different motivations? Do you often regret certain things you say or play over conversations in your head in a way that shows your deeper feelings you did not express?
  • 4th: How do you feel in conflict or out of balance in your family values, lifestyle or histories? How has harm in your family been dealt with? How was punishment enacted in your family and how do you feel about that now?
  • 5th: Do you feel more motivated to create when you are angry or riled up? What is the creative expression of your intense feelings? Do you ever deal with jealousy or envy and how does this express itself?
  • 6th: How do you deal with obstacles in your life? Do you lay down and become passive? Turn the other cheek? Or fight for them? When you get upset, angry, frustrated or agitated, how does it affect your physical wellbeing?
  • 7th: Do you hold any resentments or frustrations in partnership? Do you struggle with vulnerability or feel like you need to defend your position, sense of self or sense of freedom? Do you run away from or fight for relationships?
  • 8th: Does your anger and frustration propel you towards making conscious changes in your behaviors? How does it feel to defend the family, social group, loved one? Do you have a sense of obligation to protect?
  • 9th: How does your value and belief system contradict the agreed upon establishment? In what ways do you challenge religious or spiritual authority?
  • 10th: Do you present yourself as a rebel or misfit? Is rebellion an intrinsic component of your outward expression? Is your work rooted in social justice and front line activism? Do you wish it was and want to make that happen?
  • 11th: What is your relationship to change, individual and collective impact? Do you view chaos or violence as necessary parts of activism or paradigm shift?
  • 12th: Do you romantisize martyrdom or sacrifice? Do you believe the great war is a spiritual one outside of the worldly plain?

Eris does not have a direct correspondence in the Tarot, so let’s see how we can find one… because a correspondence is always there if you look.

Historically the Fire Signs are associated with Wands:

Aries: The Emperor IV

2 of Wands: Mars in Aries

3 of Wands: Sun in Aries

4 of Wands: Venus in Aries

Yet Eris, while the sister of Mars, is not Aries/Mars.

What is the corresponding element to Fire? Air.

Air fuels Fire and Metal is forged through Fire, Swords, a metalurgia object and tool of the Magician I is the glyph and symbol of Air.

Eris is a warrior woman. She is the polar axis of Libra to her brother Aries. Libra, the Lady of Justice, the goddess of retribution, Eris is blindfolded rage and cool headed countenance. Eris is the dark face of luminous Lady Liberte. Eris is the riot, she is not the sit in. Eris is the law of chaos, the tree dislodging, pulling down with it the pulley system of vine and liana, seedlings crushed, nests fallen. She is the lightening rod of The Tower XVI (Mars).

Eris is that part of me that doesn’t think before she speaks, she hot and passionate. She is that me who would bully the bullies in high school and the one that spat right in the faces of boys in the club grabbing my friends.

Eris as in indicator card in your reading is the Queen of Swords. She is the swift hand that slams the phone down, and the widow maker. She is the ultra feminist axe wielding goddess lawyer who takes down pro bono any man who ever harmed a child. She sees he gets his punitive due. Eris isn’t the one asking you to the table for a talk, she takes action and thinks second. Of course this gets her into trouble and can easily lead to war, like she did in the historic battle of Troy. Hell hath no furry like the woman scorned, is just one of her ways.

If you are feeling feisty, aggressive or agitated, pull the Queen of Swords and meditate on the side of her that keeps a calculated cool.

In the ecosystem, Eris is the force of the wind. She is tornado, hurricane, ashen volcanic explosions. Eris is the steaming asphalt of earth betrayed and a nuclear bomb. Eris is the container of our solar system, she reminds us that all of nature in its Sacred Balance relies upon chaos to reorder, adapt and evolve.

Fun not so Fun fact, Eris was in Aries when Pompeii blew in 79 CE!

In spiritual practice she is the scream of sacred rage in the firey belly of third door of the Temezcal. She is the blazing bon fire of old photos and hair. Eris is your miscarried wail of pain bled to the Earth alone under the New Moon.

Eris is just one name. She is the wild rider of the Thunder Bird rolling over plain. She is Innana scorned, Medusa betrayed. She is the Morrigan and Sekmet. Expect lots of rage as we burn through these next 25 or so years until Eris shifts to Gemini then and hopefully we will see come an age of reason and peace, Eris and the Lovers VI.

So now what?

We are living it and we can expect more of it.

So how do we work with it?

Let’s think constitutionally, and about the dynamic balance between discord and harmony and how each constitutionally dominant element can work with Eris:

  • Fire: Got explosive tendencies? Let’s get that body moving with some high intensity sweats! How about some deep, guttural screams and crying fits? Feel that heat in your head, red eyes or face accompanied by headaches when you get agitated? How about giving your body some cooling bitter greens, like Dandelion Leaves, Moringa, Nettles and Alfalfa.
  • Earth: Oh so you feel the weight of it in your bones, the restlessness of your legs and feet, and clenching of your jaw and grinding of your teeth. I encourage your to get outside and lay on the ground. Pound your fists and stamp your feet. Mourn the earth and dedicate to her service. Find a way to give to those underserved. Donate food, clothing, cash, books, services. Go to the women’s or pets shelter. Make some beds, clean some kennels. Count on plants like Tulsi, Ginger and Cinnamon to keep you motivated.
  • Air: Your brain just can’t stop can it? Spinning round and round, so many things you wished you said, didn’t say… Well only you can write your story. So how about you channel your thoughts out. Write poetry, sing medicine songs, sing protest songs. Make signs, hand out fliers, make videos, record. Write letters to the powers that be, tell the story of the vulnerable. Imagine and bring to word the beautiful world you see in your minds eye! Your supportive plants are Passionflower, Melissa and Gotu Kola.
  • Water: Can’t get out of bed because the state of the world got you down? Sweet, gentle one, how about you make some art, write some poetry, put some spells into food, call your loved ones. It is time to sop yourself up from the puddle of your misery and stir the cauldron of your magic. Dance the rage of the world under the moon light and let the Earth Mother hear your cry. Your rage is the sacred and holy voice of suffering, all feel it. Cry baby cry. Your tears are a soothing sip of compassion.  Wring your tears out into the garden and water life with compassion. Your green allies are Rose, Jasmin, and Motherwort.


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