Energetics & Biorhythms Masterclass

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Energetics & Biorhythms Masterclass

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Course Overview

This Free Masterclass was recorded live on Zoom will add so much value to your life and the relationship with your environment, the land and the seasons 🌱

Our understanding of biorhythms and energetic balance can profoundly impact our well-being. By aligning with the natural cycles of the Earth and optimizing our nervous system function, we can experience heightened vitality and inner harmony.

This 90 minute class will offer you all the basics you need to know + practical strategies and herbal remedies for bio rhythmic living ✨🧬

Learn about:
– The affects of Seasons, Climates and Landscapes
– The affect of Light on mood and mental health
– About Cortisol, Melatonin & Serotonin
– Herbal and Lifestyle Strategies

Unlock the power of your body’s natural rhythm🌿 with this free 90 minute class.

What You'll Learn

  • In this course you will begin to understand the impact of the environment on your physical, mental and emotional health to help you find alignment with planetary rhythms to bring ease to the stresses of the modern day.
  • This course is perfect for people who are looking to adjust and tune their daily rhythms with the planetary cycles and for people who are interested in the nature of energetics.
  • Only an open mind and open heart who are willing to shift and change.
  • Pre-Recorded Zoom Video

Course Content

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    Invaluable information ♥️ Wish it could be taught in every school and every work place. My heart breaks for the modern human, but I am hopeful in our pursuit of returning to a more natural, cyclical, biorhythmic (this is now going to be part of my vocabulary, hehe), way of living. Thoroughly enjoy everything Sarah teaches and grateful for all of the sharings 🙏🏽

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Witch is the person in communion with the land,
a channel, a bridge between the living forces of planet earth and human kind.

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