Envision Talent Bundle with Village Witch


Envision Talent Bundle with Village Witch

Course Bundle Overview

Start your journey down the Good Medicine Road with Sarah Wu exploring the philosophies of Spiritual Ecology, Holistic Wellness and Social design with this two course bundle exploring what is means to Be Witch and plant the seeds for a Regenerative Herbalism practice.

Courses in the Bundle

Being Witch Series

What does it mean to Be Witch? It is an identity, a lifestyle, a spiritual practice, a political ethos and an esthetic. In this series, let’s look at important concepts, strengths, limitations, ethics and social considerations for being a modern witch. Some may think that this series is going to be talking about fluffy black […]

Regenerative Herbalism Foundations

This course offers the foundation to the integrated perspectives on Regenerative Herbalism. Intersecting herbal medicine, environmentalism, permaculture philosophy and the current state of the world with respect to ecosystem degradation and healing, social impact and the role of the healthcare advocate, Sarah offers a unique insight into these broad disciplines. Divided into three sections, Sarah […]

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  • Duration 06:50:00
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Witch is the person in communion with the land,
a channel, a bridge between the living forces of planet earth and human kind.

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