So many ways to learn herbal medicine...


Permaculture for
the Herbalists Path​

March 12 – April 6, 2019

Punta Mona Center
for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies
Caribbean, Costa Rica

Regenerative Lifestyle & Design, Integrating Herbalism, Community and Social Awareness Working with living plants and living people to cultivate resilience.

This unique course melds two broad interdisciplinary studies, exploring the impact the health of our environment directly has on our personal wellbeing, specifically working with and alongside medicinal plants.

Program Includes:​

  • 75+ hour Permaculture Design Course Certificate upon completion
  • 65+ hours in Herbal Studies
  • Discussions in: Anatomy & Physiology, Global Materia Medica, Botany, Phytochemistry, Biology, Deep Ecology, Triple Bottom Line Business, Education Alternatives, Slow Food, Economics in Agriculture, Alternative Energies, Community Development, Herbalism in Action, Herbal First Aid and more!!
  • Hands on Projects
  • Daily Yoga & Plant Meditations
  • Sea Kayaking, Cacao Party, Mud Bathing & Snorkeling


Sarah Wu (left) is an herbalist of over 18 years, with a focus on planetary eclectic medicine, herbal acute care, herbalism and its role in environmentalism. Living at Punta Mona for the past 7 years, she is dedicated to working with ecologically cultivated and ethically harvested medicinal plants.

Laura “Lala” Palmieri (right) is a biologist, botanist, herbalist and permaculturist, with a lifetime working with plants, Lala was raised in a greenhouse, cultivating orchids, building living walls and aquaponic systems.

Other guest teachers to be announced over the next few months, with special focus on conservation of medical plants, cultivating medicinal plants, A & P, medicine making, etc…

Topics Covered: what to expect…​

The World Situation in regards to environment and health care
What is Permaculture?: Ethics, Principles & Characteristics
What is Herbalism: Ethics, Practice and Community
Ecological System Basics & Bioregions
Human Ecology: Constitutions, Energetics and Basic Anatomy & Physiology
Design Methods & Map Reading
Patient Intakes and Basic Analysis
Climates, Elements & Microclimates
Soil Science
Human Micro-Biome
Musculo-Skeletal System
Water Management
Genito-Urinary System
Plants to Trees & Trees to Forests
Bronchial-Pulminary System
Windbreaks and Wind Corridors
Patterns in Nature; Context (culture, climate, etc.)
Patterns in Health and Disease
Zone 0: Bio-Architecture
Zone 1: Home Garden
Zone 2: Fruit Tree Forest; Animals & Orchards
Zone 3: Field Crops & Large Animals
Zone 4: Harvest Forests
Zone 5: Forests
Wildlife Management & Integrated Pest Management
Ethical Investment, Land Ethics and Access, Incomes from Acres
Medicine Making
Suburban & Urban Permaculture
Free Clinics, Street Medics and Herbalism as Activism
Invisible Structure Models
Design for Disaster
Preventative Medicine




Includes all program activities and materials, Permaculture Design Course Certificate, organic vegetarian meals,
shared lodging, and daily yoga.

Workshops & Field Activities:​

Orientation to Punta Mona and Tropical Ecosystems
Weekly Sharing Circles
Compost Making, Biofermentation & Micro Organisms
Mycology 101
Medicine Making
Wild Crafting
Plant Spirit Medicine Meditations
Permaculture Design group project focused on wellness
Onsite Analysis
Field Trip to Finca La Isla to observe and make essential oils, spygerics, hydrosols, moonshine,
lozenges and chocolate.

Includes all program activities and materials, Permaculture Design Course Certificate, organic vegetarian meals,
shared lodging, and daily yoga.

​If you have experience as a clinical practicing herbalist, as a biochemist, pharmacist, engineer or other life sciences, or another applicable field of study, please inquire for special tuitions as you will be asked to contribute your experience in various units.

​Special Tuition Prices for Costa Rican Nationals, 
Central Americans and ExPatriots living full time in Costa Rica

Classes Taught in English and Spanglish

6-7 am: Morning Yoga,
Plant Meditation or Plant Walk
7-830 am: Breakfast
9-1230 pm: Class Time
1230-230 pm: Lunch
230-530 pm: Class Time
530-6 pm: Break
6-7 pm: Dinner
730 – 930pm: Occasional Evening
Session or Activity

You will have three full days off.


February 20 – March 4, 2019

Envision Festival

Uvita, Costa Rica

What is Covered:

Ethics & Limitations in Herbal First Aid

What is the role of herbalism in response and relief work, and how do we integrate and complement conventional medicine? We will speak to our personal experience in the field working with large scale events, protests, disaster relief and various international community clinics.

Acute Care Diagnostics and Red Flag Symptoms

Students will learn how to quickly, effectively and safely assess the needs of a patient in high paced, high energy environments while observing when to seek the assistance of other medical professionals.

Herbal Materia Medica for Acute Care

Using an extensive array of medicinal plants and mushrooms in the Envision Herbal Clinic, students will review the therapeutics and tissue states for each medicine we will use in clinic, focusing on how it is applied in a treatment protocol, what it formulates best with, and what are the appropriate analogs.

Treatment Protocols and Formulations

We will do many demos and mock situations for a variety of common ailments encountered at Envision, including washing and wrapping wounds, how to use eye cups, neti pots, basic bedside manner, intake process, triage, dosing discharge, and follow up care.

Wild Crafting, Plant Walks and the Ethical Use of Plants

The Envision Apothecary features organically cultivated and ethically wildcrafted medicinal plants and mushrooms, fresh, tinctured and in teas.

In a global world where herbal medicine is becoming once again the norm for communities, we have to make sure we are treating the plants with the respect they deserve, by not over harvesting, being aware of their ecosystems and making sure that people taking medicinal plants and mushrooms are using them appropriately, not just following trends. We will walk the grounds of Rancho la Merced as well as the coast of the Bahia Ballena, wildcrafting an identifying the abundant medicinal plants found right around us!

Educational Materials

We will spend some time making fun educational signs to be posted around the festival, to get people thinking about their wellbeing and bring awareness to the Clinic… “There is an herb for that!”

Have you ever wanted to be in service, gaining hands on experience in herbal medicine and acute care? In the high paced, high vibe setting of Envision Festival, herbal students of all levels get to learn and practice, with the supervision of skilled professional herbalists. Learning basic acute care, on-the-fly formulations, herbal materia medica, client intakes, and pop-up herbal clinic strategies, students get an immersion in integrated medicine and community resilience.

This is our fourth year offering the Herbal First Aid Clinic training, proudly working with the MASHH collective, this training sets herbal students on the road to being trusted healing hands in their communities, making them valuable assets to relief efforts and gives them the embodied confidence in the power of the medicinal plants!

Students will be a part of the Village Witches Theme camp, living on site at Rancho la Merced for the duration of the training and event weekend. Participants have seven days of class, followed by five days of practice, working adjacent to Medic and the Zendo.

Students are a part of the Envision team, bringing holistic wellness to this amazingly eclectic community!

Tuition: $1500


  • Educational Materials
  • A camping spot in the Village Witches Theme camp during the event.
  • Three meals per day from February 20–26, one meal per day February 27– March 4.
  • Volunteer credentials and showers.
  • Village Witches Herbal Clinic T-Shirt.
  • Excursion to the nearby waterfall.
  • Evening Entertainment from February 24-27.

What’s Not Included:

  • Ground transportation to/from Rancho la Merced. Students can bring their own tent, rent a tent at Envision, or upgrade to a bamboo bungalow.
  • Village Witches Theme Camp Supper Club fundraiser. You can purchase this for $150.

Wisdom of the Plants and Mushrooms:
An Immersion into Herbalism

January 3 – 5, 2019
San Marcos la Laguna,
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

DAY 1:

CoEvolution and Interdependence: An Introduction to Herbal Medicine

A review of the global and bioregional history and current world perspective on medicinal plant and mushrooms. Speaking to the critical need for integrated, holistic medicine, that includes traditional, alternative and conventional perspectives.

DAY 2 : 

Herbs and Mushrooms for Vitality: Adaptation & Resilience

How to ethically and affordably incorporate medicinal plants and mushrooms into your daily routine to help cope with the acute and chronic stresses of modern lifestyle.

DAY 3 : 

Nomadic Herbalist: Traveler’s Med Kit & Herbal Bioregional Analogs

Learn which plants and mushrooms are the most important for the traveller to have for a variety of situations, while also addressing the availability of medicines in various ecosystems. Speaking to bioregional flavor and mindful wildcrafting.

Register Now!


International Package: $420

$270, 3 day workshop + $150, Cosmic Convergence ticket

Locals Package: $210

$125, 3 day workshop + $85, Cosmic Convergence ticket

Healing with
Herbal Therapeutics:

Lear to Heal Yourself & Others
Collective Case Histories & Natural Treatments

Webinar – Zoom Platform

Series 1:
July 2, 5, 9, 12, 16, 19

​Series 2: 
August 16, 20, 23, 27, 30,
September 3

5-7pm MST
(3-5pm PST/7-9pmn EST)

6 – 120 minute sessions

Class size limited to 6 students

Class Flow:
45 minutes dedicated to intake evaluation
75 minutes dedicated to a lesson


Each student will submit their own personal health intake, or that of an anonymous person. Students will observe the evaluation process for establishing the course of treatment: herbal, food, lifestyle, etc…

Students will gain an inside look at the holistic process of patient evaluation, learn which herbs to use and why and other steps to achieve vitality, while also getting their own consultations and programs established.

Lessons Include:

Herbs for the Immune System
Herbs for Digestive Health
Herbs for Anxiety, Stress and the Nervous System
Herbs for Musculo-Skeletal Health
Adaptogenic Plants
East-West Energetics
Taste Energetics

Home Study Assignments are Encouraged



Weaving Beneficial Webs

w. Fungi, Medicinal Plants and Permaculture

dates for 2019 coming soon

We believe that empowered people will help to regenerate this earth. People that are empowered to grow their own food and medicine. We believe there is a tribe of earth guardians out there that are ready to receive the abundance of life by taking care of our planet and by learning the skills needed to help her.
Are you ready to work with nature rather than against her?
Are you ready to empower yourself for the good of all?
In this immersive and integrated class you will learn about earth sciences, Permaculture philosophy, and our human role in the well being of the planet from a holistic perspective.Learn the craft, art and science of the preparation, cultivation, care, medicinal applications, energetics, formulations, the ethical consumption and collection of medicinal plants and mushrooms.  Hosted by the Fungi Academy in San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, facilitators Silvan Fey, Lala Palmieri and Sarah Wu will take you on an epic journey into these vast areas of study and practice. With backgrounds in mycology, herbalism, botany, biology, Deep Ecology, and Permaculture, these three keep the space joyful, inspiring and transformationally educational.



Soil Science – Integrated Pest Management – Garden and Farm Designs – Urban and Suburban Permaculture
Social Permaculture – Compost Systems


Therapeutic Ecology – Medicine Making – Formulations and Plant Energetics – Basic Global Materia Medica of Plants and Fungi – Kitchen Ferments – Plant Spirit Medicine – Home, Family and Self Care


Fungi Ecology and Biology – Indoor and Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation – Working Inside a Mushroom Laboratory – Gardening with Mushrooms – Full Cycle from Spores to Harvest



  • Tuition for the 2 week course – all included: 1,490 USD
  • Local discount for Central Americans – all included: 890 USD
  • All included: all meals, lodging, field trips and daily yoga.
  • Register with a friend and save 10% each.

Please contact for any questions!

FOR WHOM IS THIS COURSE DESIGNED? Biophiliacs need only apply.

We are looking for people who want to learn about life, who are ready for an adventure that will open the doors of curiosity on how life works and how we can regenerate our surroundings with small and slow solutions.
We will stimulate your mind and your body, so get ready to hike, enjoy the sunshine as well as the rain, live in an intentional community with a strong family vibe, share pure love with yourself and the planet.
We challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone.
Minimum/maximum students: 10/25