Plants of the Summer Solstice

This Full Moon musing is inspired by the Summer Solstice, our shift into the Sign of Cancer and it’s polarity of Capricorn, the sign in which the moon sits this cycle. I will also share with you some of my plant allies associated with this seasonal celebration, that I had the great privilege of harvesting [...]

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Regenerative Livelihood

When I start to think about Right Relationship in terms of Right Livelihood, I will say, I am proud of myself for being brave and taking the leap of faith. While it isn’t always easy and certainly not always comfortable, I am very happy to be living and working with Permaculture as my foundation. Many [...]

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13 Forms of Capital

13 Forms of Capital What is the story of capital? It divides us, while determining our value, and pushes us to exploit the earth and one another. We  are told a story that true value only resides in paper and coins, securities and stock, debit, credit, and numbers in an account; that gives us a [...]

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Relationships with Resources… New Moon in Taurus

Relationship with Resources… Taurus is the 2nd House of “I Have” It is the realization of the spark of life that came through Aries. Taurus is grounded and real, it is the physical resource that makes the world move ‘round. Since it is in the New Moon phase, the energy has descended. We can look [...]

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🌿Green, green, GREEN!🌿

🌱🍄It is a time of established roots and the blooming of life🌼🦋 It’s when the green is really green before the Summer scorch, it‘s the tasty moments of crispy juicy goodness and budding flowers. This is the best time to get out into your bioregions to explore new beginnings and to feel the motivation of [...]

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Eris: the force of Chaos, Sacred Rage and Change

  Many of you folks may have been out attempting to view the solar eclipse that happened yesterday on Monday April 8. I spent my day lying in a hammock on the beach, watching the mating of dozens and dozens of scarlet macaws and finding their gorgeous plumage peppered on the coastal floor. There is [...]

Eris: the force of Chaos, Sacred Rage and Change2024-04-09T20:03:53+00:00

Pisces, The Hurricane and The Hermit IX

The Sun has entered Pisces, the season of sensitivity and connection has begun. I myself have three planets in Pisces: the Sun, Venus and Mars, so I understand all the feels. Life right now has been particularly emotional, from watching the terror happening in countless countries around the world, to reading about the newest climate [...]

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Attachment is the New Non-Attachment

Attachment is the new Non-attachment. Capricorn, The Devil XV When the Devil card shows up this is a particularly uncomfortable image for most people. Riddled with Christian iconography of the horrors of the afterlife, many have a specific notion as to what this card may mean. But if we dive deeper, we find layers and [...]

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Succession of the Forest as a Model in Wellness

Some of my deepest lessons come from observing the ecosystem. I often muse upon human nature and how we are so corresponded to everything in “nature”, yet we behave as if we aren’t a part of it. I have been engaging in a thought process for many years about forest model governance and human metaphorical [...]

Succession of the Forest as a Model in Wellness2023-12-26T23:45:58+00:00

Herbalism: A Science, Art, Craft & Practice

Herbalism is the bridge between worlds. Between human kind, the rest of the animal kingdom, the plant and fungi kingdoms. The herbs, having the connection to the world, tapped in by their roots to the soul of the world, they face the sun and give life to all beings with their gentle breath and green [...]

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Witch is the person in communion with the land,
a channel, a bridge between the living forces of planet earth and human kind.

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