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I love the way Sarah’s thorough wisdom animates the world and lifts the veil to perceive the subtle poetry all around us. Her lectures and creative exercises inspire a contemplative mood that opens the way for the vulnerable reflections needed for an insight to settle deep within us. Whether it’s about plants or the stars, she knows how to ground esoteric knowledge with the precision and discipline I want to fully trust their truth in my path. I really enjoy the way she weaves play and humor into her style, too! Sarah carries a lively, nurturing, thought-provoking presence.

Yadira Capaz

By understanding patterns in the environment with a permaculture lens, I was able to see the unharmonious patterns within myself and through repetition of practice and observation, I gained confidence in working with, cultivating and studying plants.

Karen Man

This course (permaculture for the herbalist’s path) exceeded my expectations. Everyday I felt deep gratitude for all the knowledge and wisdom I was gaining. Sarah and Lala are genuine and knowledgeable teachers. I loved learning from them and the entire community. I feel so deeply in my heart that this course will change my life and the way I show up for the earth and my community.

Rebecca Espinoza

I am so grateful I took this transformational program! Not only did I get to much education and information, but the experience with the people in the program and the beauty of Lake Atitlan was incredible

Jenny Griffith

This was such a special course for me. All the content was great and so well organized, balanced with activities and class time.  I loved how not only I learned about the material but about myself and who I am in community, where I am in my journey and where I am going. Thank you for holding this space of healing for us. I will always treasure this experience. I could feel how intentional everything was and that means the world. Please keep offering and sharing your gifts because it moves mountains.

Alexandra Berger

Taking part in Permaculture for the Herbalists path was one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.
All of the the teachers facilitators are incredibly knowledgeable and share their experience with so much passion, making every lesson fun and informative. The course content is vast and goes deep into the world of plants, people and permaculture. Weaving them together beautifully through the concept of Human Ecology. I came in with a deep desire to learn and left feeling confident in my ability to continue growing on the path of herbalism and permaculture with integrity.
Through plant walks, medicine making workshops, ceremony, classes, open discussions and hands on experience we learned to better understand the language of plants as well as how to work with them and the earth in more harmonious ways.
Bambu where the course was held is located in one of the most magical places on earth, amongst the lake and volcanoes and hosted us lovingly with delicious locally grown meals, comfy rooms and a sweet caring staff.

Shir Rilov