The Sun has entered Pisces, the season of sensitivity and connection has begun. I myself have three planets in Pisces: the Sun, Venus and Mars, so I understand all the feels. Life right now has been particularly emotional, from watching the terror happening in countless countries around the world, to reading about the newest climate record almost daily. The world is shifting, it is becoming not only hotter, but windier, drier, colder, rainier and more chaotic. Pisces serves to remind us that the chaos we feel is a part of a greater cycle of rearrangement. Pisces often reminds me of the nature of the hurricane, the forces of wind and water in the great spiral dance over the open ocean, wild and free, it follows its own trajectory. It is when the land stands in its way that destruction and chaos ensue. Who survives the hurricane, but the flexible and adaptable. The hurricane forces evolution, the spiral brings us to devastation and allows us to react and recreate. Pisces is this force, the beauty and momentum of the spiral, moving through water, through space, and through our DNA.

For those of you with Pisces placements, it is easy to feeeeeeel deeply all the chaos, yet somehow we also know that we are connected to the greater evolutionary challenge of our times. These times call on human kind to humble before the force of nature, to become flexible in our beliefs, perspectives and with each other. The more rigid we become in our ideologies and assumptions, the easier it is for us to snap.

This Full Moon is seated in Virgo, so get ready for an ultra emotional New Moon in Pisces in just a few weeks…. but with this full moon, we get to ground and center ourselves. Virgo is corresponded to The Hermit IX, the card of emotional stability, inner reflection, self determination and alignment with personal identity. On the card we often see a hooded figure holding a lantern, with a long road ahead of them and a long road behind them. The lantern is an allusion to the Star XVII, yet instead of the North Star tethering to the heart, it is the warm illumination of the inner reserve. This is that little fire that burns in each one of our hearts that says clearly, I am alive, and asks quietly, but Who am I? When the Full Moon illuminates the Hermit, it is allowing us to feel a little more centered in this unique human process we all get to experience, to attempt to understand just who we are on the web of life, to try to see the depth of the color of our unique thread in the great tapestry. So while we navigate all the Pisces emotions, Virgo helps to ground us in the acceptance of being who we are and that we are going to do the best we can with the resources we have, and because its Pisces, we are specifically looking to our deep emotional and spiritual resources, specifically those that help us to not only cope with but also work towards a productive way of shifting to a lifestyle that nurtures life-kind and doesn’t destroy it.