Today hosts a powerful celestial influence that will ripple through our time, hopefully causing a wave of change in our perspectives, actions and motivations, supporting us in our great turn toward life. This Full Moon in Libra accompanied by a Lunar Eclipse in the Sun sign of Aries musing will speak to specifically:

Me <—> We

Aries/Emperor <—> Libra/Justice

Power Over <—> Power Within

Personal <—> Transpersonal

I see myself <—> I see myself in You

The axis of concern is polarized in such a huge way right now. From radical focus on personal growth and development, the exploration of shadow and the agrandization of the individual through personal branding, leadership trainings and late stage capitalistic ventures to win at any cost is starkly contrasted with the need for deep interpersonal connection, community centered efforts, mutual aid and the conscious contraction and divestment from harm causing systems.

Lately I have been reading two books, The Humanity Archive: Recovering the Black Soul from a White Washed American Myth by Jermaine Fowler and The Conscious Resistance by Derrick Broze and John Vibes. One is shedding light on the history we never were taught due to rooted systemic racism and power dominant enterprise and the other on the philosophy and practice of anti-authoritarianism in governance and in the heart of spiritual practice. The two works feel particularly moving for me at this time as I watch media portrayals of terror and innocence, of the propaganda machine of war for nationalism and ethnic pride to maim, martyr and mutilate humans for the religious ideologies that are rooted in tribalism and eye for an eye actions. The justification for chattle slavery, witch burnings, inquisitions, holy wars, resource exploitation and extraction stem from the hyper focus on the Me and the narrow view of We, of focusing only on those standing on one side of the line, instead directing attention and energy toward the entire We that consists of all residents of planet Earth, standing on one shared ground.

The axis of Aries and Libra is just this, Me and We. The shadow side of the Aries Me is the perverse focus on personal gain and the fiery motivation toward self as the center of the universe. Yet in the luminous aspect of this sign, as seen through the Tarot Major Arcana The Emperor IV, we can also see the benevolent leader who listens more than they speak, who guides based on example and not rulership, the one who visions and acts with humility and grace. These wouldn’t typically be the traits we would bestow upon the traditionally arrogant, self centered Aries, but they are what we can see them evolve into when they learn to act in accordance with the Sacred Balance of Libra, calling them to attention to the greater need of humanity for the Ego to shift to the Eco… that is, focusing on home, the great We that is life.

Libra is this We. The sign in the 7th house is the evolutionary shift from the personal to the transpersonal, interpersonal and interconnected nature of our reality here on planet Earth. Libra is corresponded with the Major Arcana Justice XI, the card of balance and agreements. We make lots of agreements throughout our lives and the greatest and most significant agreement is one with the world as a whole, an accord of equitable reciprocity that humans have broken. The times are calling for Justice to be served, and not in that punitive, power over, you hurt me I hurt your way, but Justice to be served via the choices we make, the actions we take and the lifestyle we chose to live. Justice is the Law of Nature, it is the Sacred Balance.

And now with this eclipse in the Sun Sign of Aries in the Lunar Full Moon of Libra, we are forced to take the hard look deep into our own eyes to search for the true meaning of being an individual intimately connected with every other living creature. We are faced during eclipse times with the shadow side of our existence, the big challenge is seeing our own patterns of harm, and while we find countless ways to harm ourselves, the eclipse in Libra is asking us to account the ways we harm others.

Some things to consider, reflect upon and shift:

  • What is our relationship with tobacco, cannabis, sugar and other substances that cause a lot of harm in their production?
  • What about your relationship with fast fashion, clothing and stuff purchasing in general?
  • Ask about the foods we chose to buy? What is the reality for the farmers?
  • Who suffers or thrives for our choices?

Then the bigger questions to ask:

  • How do my ideologies perpetuate hate and violence?
  • What news and media am I consuming that echoes what I want to believe?
  • How do I feel, respond to and act upon when I hear, witness or experience ideologies I do not agree with?
  • How often do I turn away from or create mental justifications for the suffering of others?

The Emperor is calling you to be an agent in your life, holding you accountable for all you think, feel and in how you behave. Libra is calling you to change, it is asking you to take the hard review.

I personally feel many things right now, from disgust to hope, from fear to empowerment. I know that I can constantly change myself, readjust my position and try to see all perspectives, even if I don’t agree with them, I want to understand why someone go there. I want to see a new way, I want to behave differently. I do not want to be motivated by my patterns nor bullied and gaslit into believing for the sake of historical trauma and revenge.

My readers, if I can do one thing in life, it is listen to you, transmit what I am learning and contribute to your life in a way that feels meaningful for you. This Aries <—> Libra axis right now has me humbled, feeling sad and compassionate. It has me thinking of and feeling all of you. It has me imagining the world through your eyes, and the feeling in your belly. And I imagine wrapping my arms around all of you, to calm, nurture, subdue and offer respite to all of you. If we can do one thing in life, it is hold each other.