Regenerative Herbalism Foundations

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Regenerative Herbalism Foundations


Sarah Wu

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Course Overview

This course offers the foundation to the integrated perspectives on Regenerative Herbalism. Intersecting herbal medicine, environmentalism, permaculture philosophy and the current state of the world with respect to ecosystem degradation and healing, social impact and the role of the healthcare advocate, Sarah offers a unique insight into these broad disciplines.

Divided into three sections, Sarah first explores the social history and relevant environmental context that brought about the concepts of Permaculture. The second video she explores the cosmology of the Ethics and Principles and how they apply specifically to those interested in herbal medicine. In the third video she shares key concepts as they pertain to decision making, energetic output and systems theory.

This course is perfect for those who are interested in learning herbalism from a holistic perspective and who want to expand their understanding of nature, politics, health and community.

What You'll Learn

  • The course helps people get a deeper insight into the meaning of herbalism as a lifestyle, activist and environmental path.
  • For those who are curious about both permaculture and herbalism, who are practicing or studying either discipline and for those who want to expand their perspectives.
  • An open heart, open mind, and a sense of wonder.
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Course Content

  • Lessons
    • (1) History of Permaculture

    • (2) Ethics & Principles

    • (3) Key Concepts

    • Regenerative Herbalism Foundations Presentation

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  • Lessons 4
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  • Last Update January 26, 2024



Witch is the person in communion with the land,
a channel, a bridge between the living forces of planet earth and human kind.

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