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Sarah Wu

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Course Overview

What does it mean to
Be Witch?

It is an identity, a lifestyle, a spiritual practice, a political ethos and an esthetic. In this series, let’s look at important concepts, strengths, limitations, ethics and social considerations for being a modern witch.

Some may think that this series is going to be talking about fluffy black cats, pointy hats and spooky things in general. What is different about this perspective on being a witch in the modern world is that Sarah will address issues of power dynamics, cultural context, binaries, intersectionality, political values, social justice, anticapitalism and anarchy.

As a modern witch we have a big responsibility to hold true to the value of personal and communal empowerment as folks who identify with a decentralized and growing spiritual path. Sarah opens up the notion that being witch is only for female identified and calls listeners to have an acute awareness of cultural appreciation and appropriation. Bringing in her lovely sister, Leah Wu, who raises her children as witch, listeners get some insight to what is means to also raise children on this path.

Episode are 15 – 35 minutes each, 5 hours in total
Titles Include:

  • Intro to being a Modern Witch
  • History of the Witch Craze
  • Witch is NonBinary
  • Modern Stereotypes
  • Not Feminism nor Matriarchy
  • Witchcraft is Decentralized
  • Popular but not a Fad
  • Which Witch
  • Marked by the Goddess and Symbolism
  • What the Spell & Right Ritual
  • Ethics, Cultural Appreciation and Appropriation
  • Your Momma is a Witch
  • Coming out of the Broom Closet

Episode Briefs

In the first episode of “Being Witch,” Sarah shares her personal journey of embracing her identity as a witch and emphasizes the importance of spiritual self-discovery. The episode explores the uniqueness of each individual’s experience with witchcraft and draws parallels between indigenous cultures and modern witchcraft, aiming to demystify the witchcraft experience and promote acceptance of one’s identity as a witch.

In Episode 2 of “Being Witch,” the exploration of the history of the witch craze delves into ancient and modern cultures, highlighting the evolution of beliefs around witchcraft from the worship of goddesses to associations with demonic forces. The episode reveals how women were often targeted as witches, resulting in centuries of persecution across various regions, and emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with nature and living in harmony with the Earth as a way to build a belief system rooted in the land and cyclical rhythms of life.

Episode 3 of “Being Witch” explores the inclusive and non-binary nature of witchcraft, highlighting the importance of embracing diverse identities and fostering unity within the witchcraft community. The episode emphasizes the core principles of witchcraft, including the concept of duality and the imperative to create an inclusive and secure environment for all who identify as witches, transcending gender and cultural boundaries.

In Episode 4 of “Being Witch,” the narrative explores how media portrayals of witches have perpetuated harmful stereotypes, leading to fear and even driving some to identify as witches. The episode also addresses the negative impacts of exploitative capitalism within modern witch culture and the importance of mindful consumption and disrupting stereotypes to foster greater acceptance and community among modern witches.

In Episode 5 of “Being Witch,” the narrator, Sarah, explores the intricate relationship between witchcraft, feminism, and matriarchal power dynamics, highlighting that witchcraft doesn’t neatly fit into the categories of feminism or matriarchy but aims to empower those who have faced oppression due to various factors. She discusses the influence of the patriarchy and the diversity within feminism while emphasizing the goal of creating a more equal and equitable reality for all, breaking down oppressive structures, and cultivating a harmonious world.

In Episode 6 of “Being Witch,” the narrator, Sarah, explores the theme of decentralization within witchcraft, emphasizing how it contrasts with traditional centralized power structures and promotes direct communication with the divine and a deep connection with nature. She underscores the value of decentralization in promoting natural leadership, inclusivity, and a more equitable and sustainable society within the witchcraft community.

In Episode 7 of “Being Witch,” Sarah delves into the complexity of popularity within the witch community, exploring how aesthetics, symbols, and media influence play significant roles. She emphasizes the importance of appreciating the diversity of identities within witchcraft while fostering a sense of community and commonality, all in the context of challenging oppressive systems and amplifying voices.

In Episode 8 of “Being Witch,” Sarah provides an in-depth exploration of the diverse and fluid nature of identifying as a witch, delving into various paths, traditions, and practices within witchcraft, from Wicca to green witchery, and highlighting the rich tapestry of this mystical world.

In Episode 9 of “Being Witch,” Sarah takes listeners on a fascinating journey through the world of symbols, exploring their intricate meanings within diverse cultural contexts. She highlights the dual nature of symbols and their power to transcend surface meanings, connecting with different cultures and belief systems, all while emphasizing the importance of understanding cultural context for interpreting symbols.

In Episode 10 of “Being Witch,” titled “What the Spell & Right Ritual,” Sarah delves into the world of magical practices, highlighting ethical considerations and guiding listeners to align their intentions with their inner truth. This episode explores various aspects of magic, including dark and light magic, purification, the use of ritual tools, and the importance of altars, lunar and solar phases, seasonal celebrations, ethical sourcing of ritual items, and the role of symbols in creating sacred spaces, all while emphasizing the connection between magic and one’s personal truth. Sarah encourages ethical spellwork and helps listeners navigate their unique magical paths with integrity.

In Episode 11 of “Being Witch,” titled “Ethics, Cultural Appreciation & Appropriation,” Sarah delves into a profound exploration of ethics, cultural appreciation, and cultural appropriation within witchcraft. The episode emphasizes the importance of recognizing and acknowledging our ancestral roots, the damage caused by land appropriation, and the significance of reconnecting with indigenous tribes and customs while addressing cultural appropriation through fair trade practices. Sarah underscores the need for ethical sourcing of ritual items and the importance of respecting the customs of indigenous communities, ultimately fostering inclusivity, equity, and responsible consumption practices in the realm of witchcraft.

In episode twelve of “Being Witch,” host Sarah engages in a captivating conversation with her sister, Leah Wu, discussing the challenges and joys of raising children within the context of witchcraft. They emphasize the significance of fostering radical inclusivity, sharing insights on integrating spiritual practices into everyday life and navigating school settings with a focus on respect and autonomy, offering valuable guidance for parents on their spiritual journey.

In Episode 13, titled “Coming Out of the Broom Closet,” Sarah draws parallels between coming out as a witch and the metaphor of “coming out of the closet” associated with LGBTQ+ individuals. She acknowledges the challenges and potential harm in openly sharing one’s spiritual beliefs, emphasizing the importance of safety, finding allies, empathy, and standing up against discrimination while encouraging authenticity and embracing one’s unique spiritual path.

What You'll Learn

  • - Deeper connection to the elements, spirit and the Earth
  • - A new perspective on witch as a political movement
  • - Insight into the history and current realities of being Witch
  • - Tools for empowerment and connection to self
  • - An understanding of where we came from and where we are going
  • - A safe space to learn and explore who you are
  • - Any human with an open heart and open mind to learning
  • - All identities, ages, genders and ethnicities
  • - All experience levels
  • - Especially helpful for those who have not come out of the Broom Closet yet
  • - An open mind and open heart
  • 13 prerecorded videos, 15 - 35 minute videos
  • 13 audio only files
  • 1 PDF of notes and resources

Course Content

  • Being Witch Series
    • 1 Intro to the Modern Witch

    • 2 History of the Witch Craze

    • 3 Witch is NonBinary

    • 4 Modern Stereotypes

    • 5 Not Feminism nor Matriarchal

    • 6 Witchcraft is Decentralized

    • 7 Witch is Pop but not a Fad

    • 8 Which Witch are You

    • 9 Marked by the Goddess & Symbolism

    • 11 Ethics, Cultural Appreciation & Appropriation

    • 10 - What the Spell & Right Ritual

    • 12 - Your Momma is a Witch

    • 13 - Coming Out of the Broom Closet

    • Resources

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    I loved this Being Witch Series! It feel like Sarah Wu is speaking right to you and her wisdom profound. I always love learning with Sarah and her depth of knowledge on history, herbalism, witch and permaculture is 20 years in practice. I highly recommend taking this online course along with visiting her in person for a in life immersion!

  2. 5

    Arianna Di Giuli

    This sharing that Sarah is offering is so precious, it helped me so much to understand and accept my place in the world and in my community. Give yourself the gift to listen to this important topics and Sarah’s perspectives and experiences…she is like the great grandmother of us all. Thank you Sarah for believing in us. Thank you for helping us to see beyond and in all directions.

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Witch is the person in communion with the land,
a channel, a bridge between the living forces of planet earth and human kind.

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