Each Equinox is a special time of year, a time to celebrate equality among not just the day and night, but metaphorically among us humans, our relationship with the land, plants, fungi and water. It is a time to honor the mystery of the other as the counterpart that supports and challenges us.

In the Northern Hemisphere we welcome in the change from Summer to Autumn, while the folks in the Southern Hemisphere welcome in the Spring.

This is a time for harvest and for planting seeds. In the North, the plants are ready to be sown as they are also ready for harvest. The trees can get a prune and the bulbs can go in the ground, the Summer garden gets pulled up and the Winter garden gets planted.

Some of you reading this may live in the Tropics, saying, ”hey, this doesn’t apply to me”, yet friend it does. With this change, we find the peek rains, plants growing and the ground saturated. We welcome this much needed shift in the amount of rain we receive as this El Niño season brought the rains very late. Many of us were really worried about our plants and trees in anticipation of the rains. The Equinox reminds us the balance much needed by not only our planetary cycles but also by our human behaviors. Much of the Tropics and Global South is being effected by Climate Collapse at a rate much faster than the North. All humans need to take an active role in creating regenerative lifestyle shifts, my following messages will lean into this concept more.

This movement of the Sun welcomes in the sign of Libra, the Sacred Balance, Justice XI on a Waxing Half Moon in Capricorn, the Devil XV.

It is actually really emotional for me to write about these two cards together, because it brings to the surface all the feels I have been having about ecological collapse, ecological grief and the reflection of my own contribution in all of this.

Justice XI is the essence of Natural Law and Natural Order, the agreements we make with each other and more importantly the agreement we make with the world when we take our first breath. Justice is the second form of judgement in the Tarot, the first being the Chariot VII, the last being Judgement XX, but we will get there another time… Justice calls attention to our behaviors and more importantly, to the way we justify those behaviors. Often we do something that causes varying levels of harm and we make excuses, place blame or deny any wrong doing. The planet knows what we are doing, we know what we are doing. Every time we buy fast fashion, saying “but I needed that”, we drink plastic bottled water, “but I was thirsty” or fall prey to the newest edition of technology, “did you see the new camera?”, we are telling the planet that our desires are more important than life. But Natural Law will hold us accountable, we will stand before the world and have to answer for our behaviors, we ar being called right now. We can either copout, shut our eyes and let injustice be done, or we can say, “Yes, I did that, I know what I did was wrong, I will change and I will make amends.” I am specifically sharing about Justice XI in this manner because of the corresponding Lunar placement in Capricorn, associate with the Devil XV, who speaks to our relationships with addiction and attachment. It is the attachment to the newest trend, to another plastic bag and even more dire is the attachment to ever increasing revenues at the expense of humans, animals, plants, fungi and entire ecosystems.

Justice and the Devil remind us that we are in an extinction debt right now, that is, we have gone beyond our means of survival and our disappearance from planet Earth is immanent. We have a short window of time to change our behaviors and restore our habitat before our debt is called to be paid. This is the Law of Nature, no species can continuously take from their ecosystem without replenishing resources at least as fast as they are consuming them, doing just the bare minimum to get by.

I ask all of you this Equinox to reflect on the balance of how much you take and how much you return. Can we challenge ourselves as individuals and as a collective to be accountable and to make changes that will actively regenerate what we are dwindling away? Can we tip the scale to the abundant and just? Or will we allow the scale to drop to the other side?

What are some things you can perhaps do? I encourage you to learn skills, whether with me or another teacher, we need you knowing your ecosystem, edible and medicinal plants, how to make fire, shelter and filter water. There is no other time than right now to start!